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Join me at P&R's Faithful Shepherd Pastors' Retreat

Domestic Abuse: Setting Ministry Priorities  

We will explore how to minister to the oppressed and the oppressor wisely and effectively, while seeing how the local church can be a part of God's rescue and redemption. More Info

With a team of teachers I will be speaking in the
Domestic Abuse Track 
which seeks to carefully define domestic violence, present a biblical understanding of the trouble, and then provide practical, Christ-centered, and exegetical sound guidance for those who counsel marriages where violence is or has been a reality.
Hearts Shaped By Trauma:
The Damage Done to Victims and their Children
Wounds created by those called to love and care for us have a profound impact. In this session we will look at the effect that intimate trauma has on victims and their children. We will pay close attention to how abuse has shaped their understanding of themselves, the Lord and others.
More Info

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