Domestic Violence Increasing Globally as Families Forced to Quarentine Together

The Alabama Baptist's Grace Thornton interviews Matt Mason and me on how to care for Domestic Abuse victims during this quarantine.  

Joni and Friends Spiritual Abuse Podcast

Do you know someone who has been wounded by the misuse of Scripture? Or excluded from the life of the church because they haven’t been miraculously healed? On the Joni and Friends Ministry Podcast, Crystal Keating is talking with counselor Darby Strickland. Listen as Darby explains some of the markers of spiritual abuse and what someone in the role of a “helper” should be aware of when walking alongside someone wounded by the misuse of scripture.

Abuse in a marriage is a difficult problem—but there is comfort in knowing that the Bible points the way toward answers. While it may not use the language of victims and abusers, it has plenty to say about the oppressed and their oppressors, and how much God opposes oppression.

This booklet helps counselors and concerned family and friends how to recognize and uncover abuse, then uses Scripture to show what is truly happening in oppressive marriages. It explains how abuse confuses the oppressed into thinking they are to blame, then equips us to be the wise, informed defenders and advocates they need.

Learn how to walk patiently with victims and guide abusers toward repentance, through Strickland's concrete suggestions for comforting and protecting the oppressed while reorienting the heart of the oppressor.

Trauma: Bearing the Unbearable Digital Download.

Follow the link to purchase from CCEF.

Becoming a Church That Cares Well for the Abused

I had the privilege of working on a team (led by Brad Hambrick) which developed a church training curriculum, which seeks to equip churches to provide wise care in the initial stages of learning about instances of sexual, physical, or emotional abuse.

Church Cares is a free 12-lesson, video-based curriculum.


Domestic abuse is a heartbreaking and very prevalent issue—and, sadly, it is no stranger to Christian marriages.

Though they are filled with both oppressors and oppressed, many churches have little to say on this issue. If you are being oppressed, this can leave you feeling isolated and alone . . . but you’re not alone.

Scripture has much to say about your experience, your safety, and God’s heart for you—he does not blame you for your suffering and does not tolerate oppression. In fact, he wants to rescue you.

This 56 page booklet to cut through confusion, speak out and find support, and then determine your next steps.

God knows the suffering and wounds of oppression, and he delights in redeeming and rescuing—especially his heartbroken children.

When Scriptures are Used to Oppress

Victims of domestic abuse often report that scriptures were used to keep them in the abuse. In this interview with biblical counselors Chris Moles, Darby Strickland and Joy Forrest the following passages are untwisted.

1 Corinthians 7:4- The wife does not have authority over her own body but yields it to her husband.

Malachi 2:16 God hates divorce.

Ephesians 5:22-24 and 1 Peter 3:1-6 wives submit to your husbands

Domestic Abuse: Impact on Children

The Littlest Victims: Children who live in homes where domestic violence is present suffer intense stress. They live in fear and anxiety. The effects are often long-lasting. We will focus on Christian families plagued by domestic violence and the damage done to a child’s spiritual and relational formation. We will discuss the short and long terms effects of exposure. You will gain practical tools for how to help children at different developmental stages, as well as adult survivors.

Entitlement: When Expectations Go Toxic

A sense of entitlement is a serious problem that can plague relationships. Darby Strickland shows how a person’s self-centered desires can become adamant, rigid demands that destroy love and mutuality. She identifies the key beliefs of an entitled person, provides a biblical framework for understanding the problem, and offers counseling strategies to help bring the entitled person to a renewed relationship with Christ and others.

JBC Article Uncovering Sexual Abuse in Marriage

Sexual abuse in marriage one is of the darkest problems imaginable. Darby Strickland lifts the lid on this box of evils and raises our awareness of an urgent need. She helpfully defines and describes sexually abusive marriages, and gives us ways to engage and care for the many wives who are victims.

Sex Abuse in Marriage Blogs

My goal is to help counselors and pastors to recognize when a wife is being sexually abused by her husband and then offer appropriate help. In this first blog, we will define what marital sexual abuse is. In the second, we will talk about why women might not realize what is happening to them. And in the third installment, I will offer some thoughts on how to help women in this situation.makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Identifying Oppression in Marriage

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This resource provides discovery questions for unearthing marital sex abuse.

Detecting Oppression in Premarital Counseling

Use this free resource to screen for abuse in dating relationships or pre-martial counseling. 

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